Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse fake? – Running the Gauntlet Without a Vest   10 comments

Watch part 2 from 34:00 onwards…

Notice that when Steve is running every time his camo jacket lifts up we can see that he is wearing two t-shirts, one navy and the other underneath that is white:



We can see the white t-shirt until Steve supposedly has to run through a pack of zombies…

During this 4-5 second segment even though Steve’s jacket is still lifting up  we can no longer see the white t-shirt and are only shown shots from behind Steven or obscured shots that cut off at the neck:





When Steven gets past the zombies his white t-shirt returns and so does his face:


Was the zombie gauntlet footage acted out and added in post-production for dramatic effect?

Watch it again and let me know what you think! 🙂

Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Fake? – Night Vision   19 comments

8 minutes in to Apocalypse part 2 after running from the infected, Steve and Ian hide away in a room…


Notice that in the above screenshot the room is pitch black.

The camera then supposedly goes into night vision mode…..


Notice how Ian and the corner of the desk cast a shadow against the wall, where is the source of light coming from?

Let me know what you think! 🙂

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Did Steve Brosnan Leak Derren Brown: Apocalypse Storyline on Twitter?   30 comments

On August 17th Steve Brosnan tweeted:

“Well if I ever get stuck whilst running I can always click my heels together 3 times #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome

This tweet also had a picture attached but his profile is protected, see the protected tweet here http://twicsy.com/i/6RACbc

Derren Brown: Apocalypse had a clear Wizard of Oz theme throughout, see all the clues here


This is taken from the Wizard of Oz Wikipedia page:

“Glinda appears and tells her that she always had the power to return home. Following her instructions, Dorothy closes her eyes, taps her heels together three times, and repeats “There’s no place like home”. She awakens in her bedroom, surrounded by family and friends, and tells them of her adventures.”

Is this just a coincidence? or was Steve already aware of the apocalypse plot?

Let me know what you think 🙂

Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Is Fake? Even More Evidence…   60 comments

When Steven and Leona are wandering through the abandoned hospital they come across a man covered in blood looking rather zombie-ish. The man turns and runs at them,  Steven shouts to Leona….

“Infected Run”


Hand-in-hand they run through the hospital and out of an exit. Oddly when they get outside, even though they are being chased by a horde of people, they both slow to a jog.  Notice in the screenshot below how Steven (a grown man) is being led by Leona (a small girl)


Another strange thing in this scene is how clear Leonas voice is whilst they’re being chased. She can be heard saying….

“keep going”

Did she have a microphone? would they have risked Steven seeing it?

Likewise, after Steven is rescued by Ian in the ambulance he is told to look at the messageboard/wonderwall on the fence of the compound. Leona is then told by Derren to talk about how she hasn’t found her mum to see if Steven will look after her, She says

“Do you think there will be something from my mum?”

Steven replies

“I dunno, we’ll have a look”


How are we hearing what Steven he is saying when he’s outdoors? Is there a microphone in his jacket? Surely he would have noticed.

Let me know what you think!

Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Fake? The Evidence….   87 comments

In stage 3 of the first episodes setup ‘A Credible threat’ Derren sends a fake NASA article to Steven’s hacked mobile which he can be seen reading in the picture below. Notice the hoody, remote control and the drink in his hand….


The above screenshot is taken about 15 minutes into the episode and within the narrative of the show this is on or before August 24th. In stage 4 of the setup ‘Making It Real’ On August 24th Steven is driven to a cafe by his dad,  there he overhears an XFM broadcast warning that the Meteors are getting closer.

The show then skips to August 29th where Derren says that…..

“Following the XFM broadcast about unexpected magnetic disturbances, I’ve decided to create some of my own. Steven and his family are beginning to encounter problems with their television and their phones”

The screenshot below is taken about 17 mins into the program, 2 mins after the first screenshot and supposedly a week on. Notice that Steven is wearing the same hoody, the hood is slumped in the same direction, the remote control is in the same position and he has a similar glass in his left hand…


Is this just coincidence? an honest mistake in the editing? or proof that the whole program was staged and that Steven is a stooge?

Watch the program again from 14:30 onward and Let me know what you think! 🙂

Was Steven Brosnan at Reading Festival when he was supposedly being filmed for Apocalypse?   9 comments

Steven Brosnan’s Twitter profile picture (https://twitter.com/Brosaconstricta) shows him at Reading Festival 2012….


Reading Festival 2012 ran from August 24th to the 26th….


In the first Episode of Apocalypse Steven is supposedly at work with his dad on the 24th…


These two tweets also seem to suggest that Steve was there for longer than just a day




So what, maybe Steven doesn’t like the cure, or maybe he just went on the Saturday or Sunday…

Hmmmm seems unlikely for such a self centered party animal!

Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Fake? Is Steve Brosnan an Actor?   7 comments

Steve Brosnans casting profile:


This screenshot was taken shortly after the first episode had aired….


The morning after, a lot of the profile information had been altered. The name had been changed to ‘Craig Harwood’….


Then the name was changed to ‘Jerrin Matthews’….


and now the name is now ‘Koala Bear’ (28/10/2012)


Pictures from Steve Brosnans facebook profile (http://www.facebook.com/Brosaconstricta) showed him on the set of a BBC pilot with Adam Buxton:


they have since been deleted



Derren Brown: Apocalypse Continuity Error   11 comments

Interesting continuity error in Derren Brown: Apocalypse

Notice at 00:15 there are two bottles on the floor then at 00:19 they have both been moved and Steven is in a different position

Derren Brown: Apocalypse = Wizard of Oz   21 comments

I’m pretty sure Derren Brown’s ‘Apocalypse’ is a high-concept end of the world Wizard of Oz, here’s why……

In the setup of the first episode Derren has to convince his subject Steve that a meteor shower is getting a little too close for comfort. Steve’s van is rigged so that it won’t start; A mechanic is briefed to tell Steve that the problem with the engine is caused by the meteors. When the mechanic arrives a lingering close up shot of the side of his van shows a logo that reads ‘KANSAS Autos’


In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy lives on a farm in KANSAS until a cyclone arrives, and picks her, her house and her dog up and deposits them in the Land of Oz.

After the Meteor Shower strikes Steve wakes up in hospital rather confused, naturally he wanders over to a T.V. A faux military public information broadcast is being shown, a servicewoman says…….

“Look for and follow the marked and colour coded routes that will lead to your safe zones. The red routes in the North and East of the country lead to Scotland and the YELLOW routes in the south and west lead to wales”


In the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy asks how to get back home, Glinda advises her to seek the help of the mysterious Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City, which she can reach by following the YELLOW Brick Road.

When the broadcast is concluded a strange logo appears on screen and the woman says….

“This is the final broadcast from the British Armed Forces communication relay at EMERALD communication services”


Throughout the first Episode Derren reminds us that what Steve is going to experience will ultimately make him a better person, he says that….

“In this new post-apocalyptic world Steven will meet actors playing characters who’ve been specifically created to bring out the best in him. Through them he’ll learn about bravery, making decisions and compassion. That’s COURAGE, a BRAIN and a HEART”


In the wizard of Oz Dorothy just wanted to go back home to Kansas but in Oz she meets three other characters, the Tinman, who wanted a HEART, the Scarecrow, who wanted a BRAIN and the Cowardly Lion who wanted COURAGE. Derrens subject Steven can be seen as an Amalgamation of all 3 of these characters.

Oh and Leona/Lion….get it

Here she is holding a toy lion…..

In part 2 Derren contacts Steve via walkie-talkie/radio….

He identifies himself as ‘Oscar Zulu’. Take the first letter of each word and you get OZ 🙂

A helicopter is then sent to rescue Steven…..

On the side of the helicopter is a hot air balloon logo. This is taken from the Wizard of Oz Wiki page…

“…Oz is actually none of these things, but rather a kind, ordinary man from Omaha, Nebraska, who has been using a lot of elaborate magic tricks and props to make himself seem “great and powerful.” Working as a magician for a circus, he wrote OZ (the initials of his first and middle name) on the side of his balloon for promotional purposes. One day his balloon sailed into the Land of Oz, and found himself worshipped as a great sorcerer. As Oz had no leadership at the time, he became Supreme Ruler of the kingdom, and did his best to sustain the myth. He leaves Oz at the end of the novel, again in a hot air balloon”

Is Derren trying to tell us something? 😉


Did Steve Brosnan leak the Wizard of Oz story line on Twitter before it was supposedly filmed, have a look here:


Let me know what you think! 🙂