Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Fake? The Evidence….   87 comments

In stage 3 of the first episodes setup ‘A Credible threat’ Derren sends a fake NASA article to Steven’s hacked mobile which he can be seen reading in the picture below. Notice the hoody, remote control and the drink in his hand….


The above screenshot is taken about 15 minutes into the episode and within the narrative of the show this is on or before August 24th. In stage 4 of the setup ‘Making It Real’ On August 24th Steven is driven to a cafe by his dad,  there he overhears an XFM broadcast warning that the Meteors are getting closer.

The show then skips to August 29th where Derren says that…..

“Following the XFM broadcast about unexpected magnetic disturbances, I’ve decided to create some of my own. Steven and his family are beginning to encounter problems with their television and their phones”

The screenshot below is taken about 17 mins into the program, 2 mins after the first screenshot and supposedly a week on. Notice that Steven is wearing the same hoody, the hood is slumped in the same direction, the remote control is in the same position and he has a similar glass in his left hand…


Is this just coincidence? an honest mistake in the editing? or proof that the whole program was staged and that Steven is a stooge?

Watch the program again from 14:30 onward and Let me know what you think! 🙂

87 responses to “Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Fake? The Evidence….

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  1. i’m with you, but this isnt evidence, that’s just editing. look harder.

    • They’ve used footage from one day and made it out that the two shots were a week apart to create a false narrative. Not sure what other evidence is needed to show that the program was a fabrication and that Steven was in on it all along….

      • i believe the show probably is a fabrication, but how does this observation prove he was a stooge? That’s a bit of a leap. This falls into the same bracket as the disappearing bottles – i.e. either accidental continuity errors or – more interestingly – red herrings. I think most of the stuff you’ve discovered may well be red herrings – especially the casting website/twitter. But anyway good luck exposing him, I honestly hope you can get to the bottom of it. We know the show is disingenuous, it’s just a matter of finding out the extent of it.

      • I think the two continuity errors show that Steven and his family were being directed and that the action was being recorded in scenes and not ‘live’

        I would love it if they were red herrings planted by Derren and its all part of a big twist…i doubt it though 😦

  2. While your point does stand (you have the pictures mixed up btw) your theory does not account for the fact that Derren did not edit the final show himself. Someone else, with a sense of screenplay and not accuracy, would have.

    • On October 16th he tweeted:

      “Very exciting day with the edit of #Apocalypse. What an amazing team I have.”

      It may have been someone else who made the error but to me its clear that Derren already had a story and script in mind for the progression of the setup and the flaw in editing/continuity has exposed this

  3. I’m sorry, but this “evidence” is not able to support your claim. If you see the clip you’re referring to about 15 minutes in, you can hear them talk, but their mouths don’t move meaning that the audio and video do not come from the same source. The video was merely a visual aid to present the idea that Steven was receiving false information on his phone. I’m sure they didn’t have good footage to show that, so they added this footage and kept the original audio. That would explain why in the second video you are referring to, the video and audio are in sync. There, your hypothesis has been debunked. It was just an editing technique.

    • Hi Andre!

      At first his brother says….

      “They’ve got it on the NASA one as well’

      This is off camera whilst the satellite image is being shown. Then Steven says…

      “NASA website?”

      Even though the camera is behind Steven you can see his mouth move, he then reaches for his phone to check the story. When the camera is on Steven off-camera his dad says….

      “Is it?”

      It then cuts to a long shot where his dad says something that isnt audible but you can see the gesture. Then, again off-camera, his mum says….

      “Surely if someone like NASA is talking about it there must be something genuine”

      Watch it again and let me know what you think! 🙂

  4. Alot of the show has to be illegal. Phone hacking, voyeurism, impersonating news agencies. Hypnotizing a guy that thinks he’s on his way to see a band and moving him to a building. If i did this I would be arrested and I don’t think “It’s for his own good” would be a good enough defense. The law is law.

    And if I woke up after spending days in a hospital unconscious (the moldy sandwich implies he’s been asleep quite a while) I would expect myself to have a lot more facial hair.

    • He signed a release form when he went into the auditions. He gave Derren those right when he signed those forms. Perfectly legal and he knows what he’s getting himself into.

      Lafawnduh FiggleMyster
      • Even if he did sign a release form I’m sure it didn’t give them permission to mess with his life if he didn’t get into the show. Otherwise it kinda gives the whole thing away.

        “Please signs these forms to allow us to hack your phone and install cameras in your house, even if you don’t get into this mystery show we are making because you might actually be part of it”

        He was told that he didn’t pass the audition. So surely he wouldn’t expect to be filmed around the house and have his phoned hacked. It would be ridiculous to give them permission to still do these things if he thinks he’s no going to be apart of any show. You would certainly be suspicious.

        Also, I don’t think anyone can easily misplace a phone like he did. You know where you left a phone before you go to bed. If my phone mysteriously disappeared one morning I would know it had been moved by somebody. There’s no way I would think that I’d left it somewhere around the house. He didn’t even seem that worried or search for it like any normal person would. And if he did search for it, I’m pretty sure he’d happen to find one of the many hidden cameras in his house.

      • I’m hoping that there is a big twist at the end of the programme that shows Steve is on the whole thing and it was some sort of experiment. That could be pretty epic. Will just have to tune in next week and see what happens. But the guy is an actor and they’ve tried and really badly failed to cover it all up. So something definitely isn’t quite as it seems.

      • The release form is just a way of stopping an uneducated audience from asking questions.
        If you are at all familiar with release forms you’d have noticed that he was released from his contract the moment they told him he didn’t make the audition.

    • None of the show is illegal. This is supposedly a psychological study and although the ‘victim’ has not given fully infromed consent it is still legal. Deception is the only thing being used here. Look at psychological studies in history. Some use higher forms of deception than others. As long as the ‘victim’ is debriefed at the end to ensure no psychological harm is caused over time then the study is fine. But i see where your coming from

      • You are very very very wrong.
        The show claims that the victim’s phone is hacked. You would need to be pure stupid to think that is legal.
        Also, the bullshit about debriefing, is bullshit. You can’t do anything illegal and then make it legal by telling the person you done it. I can’t rob a handbag and then tell the woman I done it so its OK.

        The whole idea of the show just shows how fake it is.
        Think about this, it is legal for anyone to be recorded for television without there knowledge while being recorded, but after the filming takes place, the television crew need the permission of the person to broadcast it and they have a right to say “no, you cannot use any of that recording”
        That’s why hidden camera shows always have to do their material with way more people than are actually shown on TV because a lot of people won’t let them use the recordings afterwords.

        And here is your proof, if you still need some.
        This hidden camera show only has ONE victim. Just one. They spent thousands of pounds creating an apocalypse scenario for ONE man. They spent their budget all on the idea of tricking ONE man. One man who is perfectly in-titled to say “you can’t use any of that” at the end of filming.
        Even if they offered him a large amount of money, there is no guarantee he’d take it. It would be a completely stupid risk to take and if anyone knows Channel 4 you’d know that they don’t take risks. They operate on the same basis as every other broadcasting channel, “if it is definitely, 100% going to make a lot of money, it can have our prime time slot”.

  5. Anyone know what the weather was like on Friday August 24th? Wasn’t the bank holiday weekend a total washout? I certainly don’t think it was really sunny

  6. Hold on. So you’re saying there WASNT a zombie apocalypse? Well fuck…

  7. I’m sure it was illegal. The story with him signing a consent form doesn’t make it legal – if they said that he didn’t make the audition then surely it nullifies him?

    • It does nullify him completely. Completely completely. Like 100%.
      That’s a key point/.

    • In previous Derren Brown shows he has gone into more detail about the consent form they sign. I think it was Trick or Treat! He explained they sign a consent form allowing them to do pretty much anything, and that even after being told they are unsuccessful. What you seem to forget is his nearest and dearest have been consulted. Anyone who auditions for a show like this know what they are getting themselves into if they’ve seen previous Derren Brown shows.

      • Every single person this guy knows has consented / is complicit in this story then – you believe that? If Derren Brown was trying this on ANY one of my friends or family there’s no way I would consent to it. No way. It seems pretty unlikely that everyone is allowing it.

      • Hi Henk,Thanks for the remarks and opnieng up concurrence! I was not able to find any known license on the concurrence website or the repo. I only found this on Github. As I am not that versed in the license-business I just named it Hyves to be sure. But since you say it is supposed to be MIT, i will update the matrix. Btw, this matrix does have a column ‘test’. But I agree that this doesn’t really say much.Benchmarking a lot of different frameworks is hard and i cut some corners here and there. Monitoring memory usage is one of them, maybe i’ll do this in the upcoming cross-language benchmark.

  8. Or maybe Mr Brown did try to screw everyone over but considering how much he’d lose if exposed he does have a plan B with a twist just to get him out of the trouble. Hmmm…

  9. That hoodie could be just what he wears around the house. I know I wear the same hoodie almost everyday when I’m just laying around the house.

  10. You’re obsessed with the fact that a show on TV that uses editing is disingenuous. Unless we’re watching a static, uninterrupted camera of course there will be editing. You say “the action was being recorded in scenes and not ‘live” – yes, it was recorded with lots of cameras then edited together so we didn’t have to sit through hours and hours of footage from every camera to satisfy your bizarre obsession that if editing is used it somehow makes the show a fake. Maybe you’d like to watch all the footage, unedited – probably 3 or 4 days worth so you can just be sure.

  11. The show is a fake, maybe there will be some twist at the end that it was all some time wasting experiment to see how much money can be made off of idiots. But all in all, the idea that this man believes the world has ended, is fake.
    The man is an actor. It was very poorly covered up, they misjudged how quickly people would question the show and start to research the “victim” which happened almost instantly. People found that he was an actor as the first show was being broadcast, that’s how fast they were and there was nothing that could have been done about it.

    If you want to believe its real just for entertainment purposes, that’s fine and understandable, just don’t start ramming it down our throats that we are stupid for not believing that the magic man made the lazy man think the whole world had ended and zombies are real and the lazy man will learn a life lesson and its all for his own good. Fairies & Shit.

    If you see a post or website that says its not real, don’t contest it. Treat it like a spoiler. Ignore it.

    • “Fairies & Shit” hehe

    • Derren Brown says he doesn’t do anything that any of us can do. He uses very clever tricks. He is certainly clever enough that he would have been able to cover the identity of somebody for a week. They didn’t even change his name, so they weren’t trying to hide anything about him.

      The entire show is set up to trick one person who has signed all the consent forms. And if they know that there is no reason to think that his friends and family wouldn’t be in on it, especially as the whole basis of the show is to help the one man.

      Most of the criticism is that the guy can’t act and they should get a better actor. If it was being pre-recorded they could take as many shots as they needed to to make it believable.

      What they have done is used a number of reliable media sources to create a world that is fully recognisable to the only audience member through simulated referents to well known media. It works through the trust factor of so many trusted sources informing him, then showing him the world as he expects to see it. There are so many zombie apocalypse movies out there that he is sure to be familiar with them.

      It is a brillant bit of showmanship and writing to create a perfectly tailored narrative for one person. Of course most people watching wouldn’t believe it, most people aren’t that susceptible to suggestion and neither have they have the propaganda campiagn launched at them over 4 weeks. It is a brilliant, immersive story for one person only. Everybody else involved is an actor, even his family, in the sense that they are doing what Derren has asked.

      • The consent forms are void. It is illegal. It doesn’t make sense. Read what other people have already said. You are wrong.
        It is obvious to anyone who is anyway informed on the subject of contracts/consent forms/release forms. It is pure obvious.

        • My partner has studied Contract Law, and it will be entirely down to the wording of the contract- I imagine that they allow anything to be done for a time period, and not just in relation to a specific response. That would be entirely normal for a programme of this type where lack of knowledge about what is going to happen is essential for the show to work.

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  12. Regardless of all the legal mumbo jumbo, dodgy editing and accusations of Steven being an actor…. no one has seemed to notice that Steven was wearing a MIC!!! anyone who has ever worked in television will know that you cannot pick up clear dialogue through hidden cameras and to achieve clear dialogue (like that in this show) you HAVE to be mic’ed… or have one of those big fluffy mics but i think a little man running around with one of those would be impractical! thats why on big brother they get punished if they remove their mics and there are subtitles if they speak too soft. Steven’s dialogue was too clear for hidden mic’s therefore he must have had one attached.

    Also if it was real… i know i’d be killing those zombies! Im sure Derren Brown knew what he was doing when he cast it, but thats a massive risk to take when people can change so much in a life threatening situation and he couldnt be 100% that he wouldnt flip and start bludgeoning the other actors… far too big a risk for channel 4 to take.

    • For all the video games you have no doubt played I think most people would be far more concerned with NOT risking infection or death, and the response would be to run. Added to that, he doesn’t know if the illness has given additional strength, or the ability not to be killed easily.

      Derren has also said they took great effort to remove pretty much anything that would make an obvious weapon. Stephens responses can also be predicted by the profiling they completed on him, and by the addition of somebody to protect- he is likely only to turn violent if backed into a position of no escape or no hope (for instance if everybody else is dead).

  13. So it says at the start, he is a lazy person, and also takes the remote from his mom and dad. you are very very wrong if he is lazy, as when I’m lazy I sometimes where the same clothes as I did the day/week before.

  14. maybe he just wore the same hoody twice? i’ve done that, i’ve also sat in the same chair a few times, and put my tv remote on the arm more than once too, and on different days

    • He’s wearing the same jeans and the pillow is in the same position too

      • His mum, dad and brother are also wearing the same clothes in the 2 different clips and the bottles on the table are also the same – these clips are from the same time period so if it is poor editing then it is very, very poor editing – or it’s been done on purpose?

        • If they only got decent footage from only one or two periods of filming they would have to use it, it wouldn’t change the narrative that Derren is creating. All it does is spoil it a little bit for viewers, but it certainly doesn’t suggest it is fake. The problem with real life filming is that you don’t get the ideal footage, you have to edit it as best you can to achieve the desired effect. If it was scripted they could have him change clothes, move a pillow and then shoot it again. No problem.

          All of the things people are saying make it fake actually reinforce the idea of secret filming.

  15. I swear to god some of you conspiracy theorists wouldn’t believe it even if the truth was right Infront of your eyes, the conspiracy would just “deepen” with more never ending twists and turns to it. Shut up.
    There are aspects of the show that you think “no way is this real”, in the same way that if you went to a circus, or to see a magician you would think “he’s faking it”. But what if the show is real, and they really have spent months preparing it? They surely deserve a bit of respect which non of you seem to be giving them.

  16. The videos are probably a simple editing mistake – they are building a narrative for the audience as well as the one they have created for Stephen. They choose the best visuals to support the narrative, so while it is not ideal is doesn’t suggest, in any way, that it is a fake.

    The twitter post, which shows Stephen dressed as a lion, is most probably to do with a fancy dress party, or one of the part-time jobs he has worked. It really is clutching at straws to suggest it proves he knew about the plot. If I could read your twitter feed I could probably add my own context to make you appear any way I wanted.

  17. It was the bit on the bus I liked best; when Brown gave the guy some kind of Vulcan mind meld that not only knocked him unconscious it kept him out long enough to be removed from the bus and redressed and relocated to a hospital bed on another film set. He wakes with no sign of a raging thirst, his hair and beard still nicely trimmed.

    I am firmly in the camp that the ‘victim’ has to be in on the whole scam. He has watched 28 days Later, played zombie games etc. and no doubt, Shaun of the Dead. It really is too daft to be real on any level and his lack of overwhelming fear and grief are noticibly lacking. Silly, cheap special FX for us viewers as well. He is certainly no actor, the scared girl is a terrible actor but the ambulance man is pretty good. Took a while before any food was introduced and no toileting mentioned when I would expect the need to move his bowels would be quite urgent. As for the mother shedding tears over her lazy son…quite pathetic and silly really. And we are supposed to believe that all this is for his own good; to learn valuable life lessons?

    This is as lame, but more elaborate, than the pathetic horseracing ‘trick’ he pulled a few years ago. Fair play to him though; he manages to get the TV executives to part with their cash, get ratings that pleases advertisers and execs alike and I don’t believe he has ever claimed to be anything but an illusionist .

    • Stephen has been hypnotised previously, something which Derren Brown has admitted and tells us he cannot include in the show because he can’t show people how it is done.

      The fact he is seen all of those shows is WHY it works. We understand by how the signs we see are referents to other things we see- those films and games make this world recognisable for Stephen. People also don’t usually freak out until after a shock has taken place and he IS dsplaying symptoms of shock. The little girl, the ambulance driver and the message from his family provide an anchor that prevents him going too far off the edge. Remember, he has been profiled so they have a good idea of how he will react.

      If you wake up in an hospital and you have time to think you would certainly be aware of the toilet issue, but if you wake up in an unfamiliar place and you are led into a state of angst before that you will not notice these things, if they allowed him time to think about it maybe he would, but his attention has been focused on the girl and his family- and survival.

      Remember, it has also been edited, so things like going to the toilet won’t be on display- it is not really good TV. Watch 24, you never see Kiefer Sutherland easing the pressure on his bowels.

      • I know its really sad but I would love to see the unedited footage, or at least a longer version. If the whole thing is genuine it would be fascinating to see how he reacted and behaved from the moment he woke up.

        Maybe something for a DVD ay Derren? 😉

  18. Doubting Thomas… Thank you for being the only one on this thread that picked up on the BIGGEST point of the whole thing!.. The Vulcan death grip! haha its laughable, as if you could put someone in a trance like state, even if they worked on the hypnotism months before(off camera!).
    If the guy really believed that the world was coming to an end, surely his adrenaline would have been off the scale and certainly too heightened to be put in a trance, even by the best of sorcerers!! I can only now believe that Mr Skyblue is a member of the production team or even Derren himself! as no one with an ounce of common sense would still be trying to support obvious flaws in this process……
    I sometimes worry about how gullible the general public are!……….. All very funny though, and I will deffo have to watch on Friday now!.. So if it was controversy and ratings they were after? well then it looks like they have pulled it off!!

    • Strangely most hypnotists are aware of the “instant” hynosis techniques and believe they will work on 60% of people when performed by experts, and as Stephen a been selected because he is particularly susceptible I think it is fair to assume he falls in the 60%.

      The argument of all conspiracy buffs always to fall down to “he must be in on it” when faced with counter arguments that point out the flaws in their thinking.

      And once again I will point out that the biggest argument being used to prove this is a “fake” are things that would never have happened if it wasn’t being filmed as a fly on the wall- they would be able to manage the footage perfectly. And bad acting would have been replaced by re-casting.

      Derren Brown has nothing to gain by being proven to be a fraud, so why would he risk it? If he films it and it fails they can still sell it. If it is successful then it enhances his reputation, but if he is fraudulent then he will lose his career. Not really worth the risk.

      • I love your new ‘look’!! Very nice layout. Hope that you have a great wekeend!! Halloween is fun to decorate for, but we live in a more rural area and haven’t had a single trick or treater in about 7 years. :/ All that poor candy left over every year…can’t let THAT go to waste. 😉

      • Posted on Re: critiques of Twilight and stanrekiless, I think it depends on the context. If you’re a reader who is willing to accept all kinds of sexist assumptions but uses Twilight is a stalker book’ as a reason to dismiss it without reading it, that’s not on. But I think critiquing the messages in the story is legitimate if it’s done with the right intent. I mean, I’ve had the same conversation about Jane Eyre’, I don’t really think Stephenie Meyer should be immune.

  19. He is relying on everyone being stupid and believing that ‘the vulcan death grip’ exists!!.. 60% MY ARSE!.. please furnish me with evidence of this 60%???….. Enjoy it as entertainment, as he says himself, he is an illusionist and i’m sure a very good one but please don’t piss down my back and tell me I did it!!….. His career will never be lost as he has too many blinkered followers to ever doubt him… Just like a prophet to a religion!
    P.S. Im not a ‘conspiracy buff’. Im just a normal bloke who believes the ‘believable’ based on evidence and science! Not words and ‘Death grips’!!!!

    • The hypnosis on the show is re-hynosis, Stephen has already been hypnotised to respond to the contact from Derren by going back under. People who are susceptible to hynosis can be kept “primed” like this for fairly long periods. It is not a vulcan death grip, the grip is what tells the subject to go back under.

      Derren cannot show you the process by which he hypnotises people because it is not permissable on British TV.

      There is nothing in the show that is not understandable through science or the social sciences. Of course, he could be pulling a big hoax, but if he is it is the worst show he has done because they have been very lax. They used the guys real name, didn’t check his twitter, didn’t shoot multiple scenes and takes, didn’t use “believable” actors etc, etc…

  20. I appreciate what you are saying, but as I said before , I really find it hard to believe that a ‘primed’ person would be able to be re-hypnotised whilst there are explosions going off, people running and dying and the fear that the world is just about to end going through their thoughts. His adrenalin would be so pumped that he would probably be capable of super-human acts, so it would be very difficult for Derren(or any other great hypnotist) to put him back under with a touch and maybe a trigger word….. It just doesn’t wash with me i afraid, but I respect that your minds will not be changed so I will watch tomorrow and see how this feed continues!…..
    Just to throw it our there, I don’t believe in psychics or magic either!(controversial i know). 🙂

  21. Ok, I’ve been doing a good amount of research on hypnotism, and yes, it is NOT possible to hypnotise a person who is distracted panicked or as a matter of fact in anyway not calm. Thats a very good point that I didn’t actually spot.

    There are some very stupid people on this thread I have to say. They are desperate to believe in something.
    Look, this shows separates the informed from the uninformed. Thats what it comes down to. If you are informed in one of the many issues included in the show, you will understand immediately that it is fake. If you are uniformed you believe it and say “Man sign contract Ug Ug! That mean real Ug Ug! Ahhhh Derrrrrrrrr 😀 ” -Well, something similar, I just wanted to get across that you idiotic monkey tit brains are making me think that humanity is moving back in evolutionary terms.
    So go play with rocks. Peace out, Muthafukaz 😉 xoxoxoxo Bbbz

    • He is ALREADY hypnotised. He is merely being put back into a trance state- watch real therapeutic hypnosis, patients commnoly going into REAL panics and don’t break from the trance.

      I am not desperate to believe in anything. Nor am I desperate to prove something is not real just because I cannot do it. The editing process, of necessity, stops us being shown everything. And nothing Derren has done is illegal if handled correcty. Everything in the show is possible and is something somebody with the right abilities and resources can complete. The joy is seeing HOW MUCH can be done.

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  22. People believe what they want to believe regardless of logic or thought. The whole point of faking it is A)money b)entertainment and c) im sure derren genuinely believes he is making people think about how they are living their lives. Its just a tv show, not sure why people need it to be “real”.

  23. It is not illegal because it is not real.
    I think all that can be said, has been.

    Again, the simplest way I can put this for you is; if you are informed, you’ll see that it is fake, if you are uninformed you believe it.

    It is a show, that is fake, but if, for entertainment purposes someone wants to believe it, they can do so. The point is, why argue with a site like this or people like me who are not playing along with this fiction. That is our decision. Once again, treat this post, this thread, this website like a spoiler. That is what it is.
    If you didn’t want your entertainment to be spoiled, then you should not have googled if the show was fake or not, or clicked onto this website.
    Unfortunately you did. But if I accidentally stumble upon a spoiler for a movie, I don’t argue with it. I just click away and pretend I didn’t see anything.

    If you do not believe me that its not real and you want to further the spoiling, talk to someone who knows their stuff. Don’t come out with babble like “my uncle’s friend’s goldfish’s brother’s wife’s cousin’s monkey’s dad is a lawyer/hypnotist.” Don’t, its insulting and doesn’t advance your argument in any way you think it does.

    The show is fake.
    -The guy is an actor. This was covered up poorly.
    -The guy is wearing a mic. You can not get an anyway audible feedback from someone not wearing a mic if they are far away.
    -It would not be legal, AT ALL to carry out this “experiment” and so for entertainment purposes, its faked.
    -The contract would be void after telling him that he didn’t pass the audition. Regardless of what the small print states.
    -The contract would have to be extremely obvious as the laws in Britain state that a contract must be as specific as possible so that BOTH parties have access to the information in full and in detail describing what they are agreeing too.
    -There is an appalling amount of poor acting and unrealistic behaviour.
    -Another legal fact is that exerting this amount of stress on a victim intentionally is in fact illegal as it could cause numerous mental and physical health problems, including a mental breakdown as well as a heart attack. There is no doubt that it would be intentional.
    -The victim (if it were real) would have every right to say that they cannot use ANY of the footage containing him in it. Meaning that all the thousands of pounds spent on the project could easily have been for nothing. Risks like that are not taken in Television, particularly by Channel 4, who are a very clever bunch.

    All these reasons mean that we are unlikely to see this stunt happen for real. I’m sorry for you but this show is not real.
    Don’t insult your own intelligence by saying things like “but it might be”. It can’t be.

    I’m Morgan Freedman, Thank you for listening.
    Sex? 😉

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  24. Freeman* Don’t want a fucking typo to make you believe you have somewhere to take a foot hold in this debate, I do know how to spell his name. 😉
    Also I a few posts ago I said “shows” instead of “show”, woops. Please don’t sue.

  25. I think* :L Ok I hate typos while correcting typos. Grrrr.
    My points are still valid muthalicka. 🙂

  26. Strangely, Mr Crook, I am very informed in the ways of the media, and quite informed in the ways of entertainment and law, and I know it is possibe. As I said before, the vast majority of the things that are being used to de-bunk the show are actually making it more convincing- the fact that they used the guys real name shows that they weren’t using an actor- these are media savvy people, they wouldn’t not change the guys name.

    Every bit of evidence being used against him is reinforcing the fact it is a real experiment. They could use better actors, re-take scenes until they got perfect footage and have much better overall footage.

    Microphones can now be made that are almost impossible to detect uless you are looking for them and know how to find them. They can also use directional microphones such from quite a good distance now, althought that would be logisticallly very difficult so I doubt they are doing it in this case.

    Everything in it can be legal through a simple contract and most people will sign contracts without reading them, so ithey can be perfectly valid. Of course, you are right they could refuse to let them use any footage, but seeing as they volunteered it is highly unlikely they will, nd they would still have plenty of footage from other scenes that they could use.

    He has been carefully selcected from THOUSANDS of people, and Derren Brown and his team are very good at what they do.

    The contract can be legally binding and include a clause saying something like, “in the event of you being unsuccessful in this audition we retain the right to consider you for future projects”. This would still be legal, and while consent can be withdrawn they would have been ery careful to choose somebody that they were sure wouldn’t withdraw consent.

    Go into “terror” situations- behaviour isn’t what you expect from TV. And the poor “acting” is because you are used to the over acting that is common place in entertainment these days. It wouldn’t be good TV acting, but it is ample for convincing somebody who have been conditioned to believe, and who is highly susceptible.

    If you think that these experiments are illegal then look at medical tesing, or the work of Stanly Millgram, or the famous Standford Prison experiments etc.. It can be argued that it is unethical,but not illegal. They would just need to prove that they are taking reasonable measures to insure against problems (such as careful screening, using a young, healthy candidate, and having experts assessing and observing at all times).

    Now it could be fake, although I doubt it, but it is certainly possible that a clever team with the right resources could put it together. And for an example of the trust they put in Derren Brown he has done events in the past that would have cost far more than the total production costs of this entire show if they had gone wrong, and C4 have bankrolled it, so the SLIGHT risk of endng up with something that they couldn’t use is something they would have been happy to do with Derren as he is a proven money spinner for them.

    Please don’t say somebody is ill informed without evidence. I have spent years studying Media and Communication theory, and looking at how it is put into practice, and I kow this is possible. Not easy, but possible.

    • Crook, you know what your on about! Anonymous you are clearly deluded and I can only think you are on the wind up now as you can’t possibily be that stupid!.. Troll off!!!

  27. I suggest it’s not real but also not scripted, theres an unsaid, unwritten rule between a stage hypnotist and the subject (which exclude the dramatic scenes and large area is basically what we have, a ‘hypnotist’ puts a member of the public,to sleep and then gets him to act). The guy that barks like a dog on stage after being ‘hypnotised’ isn’t in a ‘trance’ he wants to do it! Hands over the eyes and saying ‘sleep’ will not put someone to sleep no matter how skilled they are, however, if the subject is chosen well, they will be complient and follow the hypnotists’s commands, not because they are in a trance, because they want to. The alternative is to stand up in front of the film crew and Derron and say ‘I’m not asleep’, that takes balls!! Derron relies a lot on these techniques. If the subject hadn’t played ‘sleeping’ I’m sure they would have used someone else! Audience are then entertained, Derron looks great and the subject is creating the entertainment, part of it and happy. So it’s not really using stooges or acting…but it’s not what they want you to think either!!….

  28. The bit I liked best in the second episode was the way Brown ended his victims ordeal by a phonecall. Reminded me of a wonderful ‘Columbo’ episode with a crazy psychiatrist who has conditioned his dogs to answer the phone (by knocking it off its cradle) and by using the word ‘Rosebud’ turns the placid dogs into savage killers. Now that was great entertainment with great actors. DB’s Apocolypse was simply car crash TV, with some terrible actors and watchable for all the wrong reasons.

    Not that Brown hasn’t got previous for audacious and/or crappy stunts….the russian roulette, fake (well, duh!). The lottery stunt, a camera trick (tut tut, how lazy and lame) the horseracing system , my 7 year old son sussed it out within 10 minutes, embarrassing. Just coz this got the full bells and whistles didn’t make it any less fake, just more cringeworthy as it went; Still, as long as it got the ratings everyone involved is a winner, especially multi millionaire Brown, laughing all the way to the bank again.

    Me? I’m off to find the Columbo episode and watch a master at work.

  29. So a guy who doesn’t give any specific cases and only uses examples that are demonstrably wrong is “in the know” and somebody who uses specific examples and has researched the area broadly is a troll. I can see your logic is infallible.

  30. you’re so clever xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. sorry, you can`t hack into someones phone and mess about with the NASA website, posting a fake nasa article is mis-representing an american govt organisation. Unless obama was in on it as well.

  32. The NASA article wasn’t posted to everybody, it was sent to one person. It is no more misrepresenting them than Independance Day misrepresented The White House.

    • Mike Miller Posted on As someone who works in cliohtng retail I can safely say it’s rare to even find cool comic related shirts at all. Let’s hope the trend catches and you can get you phoenix shirt and maybe I can get my hands on a Blue Lantern shirt

  33. Has anybody ever done their sums? If it’s fake, this kind of film can be made within the usual C4 £2million max. low budget allocated to films. If it’s real, then the 50 people working 1000 hours mentioned by Derren alone cost three quarters of a million at least and all the technology involved, 60 hidden cameras in just one building, round the clock monitoring of home, work and pub, preventing contact of the victim with people who can mess up the story, live phone feeds with website redirection etc., you’re talking a film budget of at least £5 million, about 40% of C4’s total film budget for the year. Of course, it’s fake.

    • Another great point! Haha, I love when people actually spend some time to show bullheaded idiots that they are wrong. Sadly, nothing stops bullheaded idiots. Nothing that isn’t fatal anyway.
      Great post, and I encourage people to research it for themselves. Seriously, there are an excessive amount of nails in this coffin. Just go away.

      • 50000 work hours, at minimum wage (and I am using the new minimum wage from October, not the one from August, and assuming all hours are for staff over 21, if they are younger, it would be significantly cheaper) costs £309500, so less than half of the £750000 quoted. That is ignoring that Derren will probably have exaggerated and some of the staff are probably volunteer interns as is the norm for media production companies.

        The production company that works with Derren would probably own the cameras, so using them is a return on a capitol investment, and if they don’t they can be hired. They are certainly cheaper than high end cameras used by scripted and produced show.

        It wouldn’t matter if he conteact people on the street who didn’t agree with the story before the apocalypse, they based it around a real event so and placed enough suggestions of what would happen that it would be believable to somebody who was highly suggestable.

        Web-site re-direction is so cheap that if you could be bothered to learn how you can do it for free provided you have a broadband connection. They hired somebody for one day to set it up, and then any media technician could have done the rest very easily. They had a specific router set up for ONE phone, not that expensive at all, and using equipment they could probably have hired for the entire period for a few grand.

        The round the clock monitoring was included in the original amount of hours- that is why they had so many peoiple monitoring so it is not an additional expense.

        This show would actually be relatively chepa to produce, especially when taken against the DVD sales and global re-sale value of the show.

  34. Sorry, we already won.

  35. I seem to remember pointless arguments like this, dividing people in years gone by. Unfortunately, maturity and respect always seem to disappear along the way, degrading into repetition and insults. Im no more swayed either way by what i have read here, but am thankfull to those here who have debated calmly.
    I’m educated in a wide variety of topics that cover this, but personally, Brown is a well informed and maticulate man in his work, wouldnt he notice an embarrassing ‘over’consistancy in his costly fake?

  36. more often: I mean, I see a lot of “oh, no, now girls are going to have effed up ideas about love!” Well, um. The guys I liked when I was Bella’s age? Not exactly slnetirg examples of young manhood. I grew out of it. Yes. People are stupid. People will always be stupid. A book does not influence people to make the wrong decisions.And: But the more important point is that hating on someone for being a fan and anointing yourself as the person who gets to decide who and who does not get to enter the clubhouse is the real dick move. I had to stop reading the Internets during SDCC because I wanted to throttle every asshole who complained about the TWILIGHT fans ruining Comic Con. As Jeff might say, STFU nerds. Jesus. If anyone should be supporting TWILIGHT fans, it’s members of other fandoms.

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