Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Fake? Is Steve Brosnan an Actor?   7 comments

Steve Brosnans casting profile:

This screenshot was taken shortly after the first episode had aired….


The morning after, a lot of the profile information had been altered. The name had been changed to ‘Craig Harwood’….


Then the name was changed to ‘Jerrin Matthews’….


and now the name is now ‘Koala Bear’ (28/10/2012)


Pictures from Steve Brosnans facebook profile ( showed him on the set of a BBC pilot with Adam Buxton:

they have since been deleted




7 responses to “Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Fake? Is Steve Brosnan an Actor?

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  1. Can anyone remember what they said his brother did? seems to indicate he’s an actor too.

  2. I’ve just got round to watching it on sky+, and it seems a little to staged.
    I’m a big fan of Derren Brown and in previous shows I’ve seen him do similar stuff only with ‘real’ people. There’s just some think about this show that makes me feel like it’s staged.
    I’ll still watch part 2 but I’ll be a little more cynical from now on.

  3. Derren has responded to some of the criticisms and comments about the show, including some of the ones you make here:

  4. Here’s one for ya pal who’s that then?

  5. Hey guys, ever heard of what a Koala Bear is? Look it up, you’ll understand! It’s genius though!
    “Koalas are often called as “koala bears” – this is not correct. Koala is not a bear but a marsupial.”

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