Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Is Fake? Even More Evidence…   60 comments

When Steven and Leona are wandering through the abandoned hospital they come across a man covered in blood looking rather zombie-ish. The man turns and runs at them,  Steven shouts to Leona….

“Infected Run”


Hand-in-hand they run through the hospital and out of an exit. Oddly when they get outside, even though they are being chased by a horde of people, they both slow to a jog.  Notice in the screenshot below how Steven (a grown man) is being led by Leona (a small girl)


Another strange thing in this scene is how clear Leonas voice is whilst they’re being chased. She can be heard saying….

“keep going”

Did she have a microphone? would they have risked Steven seeing it?

Likewise, after Steven is rescued by Ian in the ambulance he is told to look at the messageboard/wonderwall on the fence of the compound. Leona is then told by Derren to talk about how she hasn’t found her mum to see if Steven will look after her, She says

“Do you think there will be something from my mum?”

Steven replies

“I dunno, we’ll have a look”


How are we hearing what Steven he is saying when he’s outdoors? Is there a microphone in his jacket? Surely he would have noticed.

Let me know what you think!

60 responses to “Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Is Fake? Even More Evidence…

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  1. I think you need to stop clutching at straws because you’re losing more credibility with even weaker so called ‘proof’. You dont understand human behaviour if you really believe this, what a situation like this does to a person. When people get mugged or attacked in the street, did you know most people walking past do absolutely nothing, just blank it out of their mind and continue walking?. Human behaviour is a strange thing. For the record, I actually think you might be onto something with Steve being an actor BUT, you only hurt your claims when you point at really silly stuff and call that evidence and proof. Next time you update your blog, do it with something more concrete k.

    • Forget all the other evidence. Watch the camera pan from person to person. You can’t do that with hiden cameras. The camera man must have been in the room.

      • Rubbish. Many CCTV cameras can pan, hidden cameras on Big Brother can pan, etc, Either due to hidden operator or actuator.

        Even if the camera doesn’t physically pan, the final edit may include cropping and panning (“pan-and-scan” etc).

  2. How is this post clutching at straws???

    Go back and watch the chase sequence again, its very odd. After Steve shouts “infected run” like he’s in a movie, they both leg it through the hospital. Then for some reason, Steven slows down to a jog when he gets outside, its so obviously directed.

    Also, can you explain the microphones?

    • if you listen to derren there are 100’s of hidden MINI-microphones dotted around

      Derren is fucking real get over it you dicks
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  3. This is getting as bad as the moon landings ith all the conspiracy theories. The show is not finished yet and I’m convinced all is not what it seems after the first episode. Nothing ever is with Derren Brown as he is a master of suspense. Just look at some of his other specials that have aired – The System led you to belive one things and then all was explained, Seance again led towards one thing and then on its head.

    Derren and his team are very meticulous with their work. The first thing that I did, as many others did, after watching Apocolypse was goole the name Steve Brosnan. Do you really think that Derren and Co would have allowed so much info about him to be publically available if it mattered? Someone knew that thousands of people would log onto Steve’s acting profile and this was shown as the name constantly changed. Why not just make one change or delete the profile instead of constantly tinkering with it?

    For what its worth I do think that the programme was scripted and directed in some way. Like I said it always is with Derren. Remember he is an illusionist and has said so hiimself. What annoys me is that the internet is destroying magic and related arts which require you to disband reality. Everytime there is a magician on telly everyone suddenly leaps onto google to find out how it was done or watched clips over and over to uncover the secrets. Somethings are just meant to be enjoyed not subjected to vigorous testing.

    • I really hope your right!

      I’d love it if Derren turned the whole thing on its head, I dont think he will though. Got a bad feeling it’ll end with the standard soppy, teary-eyed reunion with Steve and his family.

      I think the only ‘twist’ is going to be revealing all the hidden Wizard of Oz references, which i’ve listed here:


      • Not sure which clip you refer to re the sound. However, if you can hear him breathing and his jacket rustle, he has a mic on his jacket. Likely sewn in so the actual mic is just sticking out of the jacket collar. He’d never notice, it would be about 3mm-4mm diameter, would look like part of the zip maybe? The pack sewn in somewhere else.

        Mind you, if the event ran continually over 48 hrs they’d have to change the batteries at some point, watch for evidence of that in show 2!

        When they’re just in their PJ’s, if Leonie has a mic on her – she did have more than one layer of clothes I recall, you’d hear him if she was close enough.

        Sure, you can pick up distant sound with a parabolic reflector, as used to record birdsong, but it’s got a very narrow angle and someone would have to pan it with their movements.

        And why would she be in front of him when they’re running? Because she has to lead him to the right place, though in his confused state, he’d be unaware as to what’s happening.

        Steven may have done drama at sixth form, and attained a poor C grade, but you can’t call him an actor. Aspiring maybe, and wanting to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Maybe his brother applied for the show and Steven got the part!

        Interestingly though, in the ‘About Me’ part of his Casting Call profile, the description EXACTLY matches the sort of person Darren is trying to turn Steven into. The later part also exactly describes Steven’s role in the story. Or am I reading into it?!!

  4. they dont need a microphone for there voices to sound clear, it just takes a bit of editing on the computer to adjust what can and cant be heard/

    • How were their voices being recorded then?

      • the same way they were being filmed!! cameras can have microphones! plus they have devices that can pick up sound from miles away… it’s called technology!

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      • Watch the clip again and listen really closely, you can hear him breathing in and out. You can also hear the rustling of his jacket almost as if the microphone is inside.

      • They have microphones hidden on the fence, telegraph poles, around corners. Shotgun mics can pic up immensely detailed sound in a specific direction. Even if he saw a microphone, he wouldn’t take any notice of it. (seeing as his world has ended.) It’s the same way with the cameras. They are using motorized dome cameras, which are clearly visible on the wall, so why should he notice any other type of camera? He is in a medical compound for the “infected”, they’ll need CCTV.

        The continuity errors you point out are editing errors. The ambulance chase, from our POV was only 40 seconds, whereas it was actually 30 minutes. It is quite easy for bottles to roll the other way when the van turns.

        In regards to Leona leading him out of the hospital, she has to! She needs to move him to the next location so he will see the ambulance. The fact that they slowed down has nothing to do with conspiracy. They run from a small hallway to a large open space, they willlhave to take in their surroundings to see where to go to.

        • you have clearly NEVER worked in television, you CANNOT pick up clear sound without a mic close to the star and you cannot ‘edit’ the sound to make it clearer, if you do that it gets white noise no matter how good your ‘technology is’! he had a mic and i doubt it was hidden as his little scrubs have nowhere for the battery pack to be hidden, also those things can be quite weighty and he would have noticed.

          if you look at any reality show like big brother or I’m a celebrity they MUST be mic’ed or you cannot pic up clear dialogue and they have to put in subtitles. There is no way that hidden mic’s would be able to pick up clear sound and dialogue… im sorry but technology hasnt got that good!!!! not to mention that the mics outside would pick up all the wind and nature sounds which would have made it even more difficult to hear… they certainly wouldn’t have been as crystal clear as they were in the show.

          trust me, i work in this business and they all HAD to have been mic’ed to pick up sound that clear… thats all the proof I need to know that this is fake and I’m really disappointed at Derren Brown.

          • I direct you to the comment down below regarding microphone technology. Shotgun condenser microphones work over large distances, and can quite easily pick up clear sound. And using Big Brother as a point of intelligent reference? Not the best choice.

            If you do work in the TV business, you more than likely have only needed to work within studios, and only with people in front of the camera, so lapel or boom mics would be perfect. The reason reality shows like you mentioned have very few area mics and get participants to use necklace mics, is purely due to cost. They have no need for directional mics, so they don’t use them.

  5. I love this blog. Derren is a bad person and must be exposed.

  6. Derrens blog reveals all!
    http://derrenbrown.co.uk/blog/ All your “exposes” are…exposed as crap!

  7. I like that you even bought a domain name for your trolling. Pathetic!

  8. Do you enjoy watching and rewatching the same episode over and over DESPERATELY trying to find a reason for it to be staged? I can tell that you do not like Derren Brown or his show. So it really makes me wonder why you’re spending every moment of your day trying to expose him hahaha, so sad. The reason Derren doesn’t address any of the ‘issues’ you raise is because you’re an idiot and your issues don’t even make sense.

    Even people who think the show is fake think you’re an idiot.

  9. Oh, and another thing… isn’t hacking into people’s phones and intercepting their communications against the law… do we have Derren Brown admitting to committing crimes under RIPA?

  10. If you listen to derren brown at the start he said that the place had been rigged with 150 microphones to record what they say!

  11. of course its fake, Use your bloody brains.

  12. Additional reasons why it’s fake:
    1. Imagine the guy gets post-traumatic stress disorder or commits suicide as a result of this. Derren Brown would get in such a ridiculous amount of trouble, and this is something he would never risk.
    2. If it were true there are so many factors that can’t be controlled – if the man actually has control over his actions and decisions
    3. The acting is DREADFUL.
    There are more things as well. I don’t understand how anyone can buy this.

  13. To people who say there would be “no point” in faking it, i`m sure there are probably almost a million points(pounds) which derren brown receives from channel 4. Unless he does his shows for free.

  14. can you please tell me what you are trying to achieve by discrediting derren brown and his work?

  15. > can you please tell me what you are trying to achieve by discrediting derren brown and his work?

    How about trying to actually educate people with the truth as opposed to persuading them you have magical powers? Sometimes there’s a very fine line between what DB does and what so-called psychics say they can do.

  16. Exactly!

    I found it odd that in Derrens Q&A blog entry he got very touchy about us questioning the shows authenticity where in the past he’s encouraged people to be skeptical.

    As i’ve said before, I’m a really big fan of Derrens and I mean him or Steven no harm, I promise 🙂

  17. The bad acting is actually tipping the show towards not being fake. If it was fake wouldn’t there had been retakes to make it better? And after this comment will you shift the bad acting to being meant to be bad so that the show looks real? I think he reacts like a person in shock. When everything around you is new, crazy and going to hell, you don’t stop and ask yourself about facial hair. It does not cross your stressed out mind.

    According to the fake theory Steven is in on it. What about everybody else, including his family, do they think he is not? Or is everybody sworn to keep quiet about that? Has anybody out’et him yet?

    About taking the chance that Steven gets trauma: Derren has taken that risk in all of his work. Trick/Treats, hero, seance….. He seems to beleive that he takes measures to keep the participants save. Ch4 has done those shows too. What is so different now?

    • Maybe he wasn’t acting as such but it did seem as though he was just playing along at times or was at least partly aware that what he was seeing wasn’t real.

      If you woke up in an abandoned hospital full of weird infected/zombie people chasing you and thought that your whole family might have died, would you really have reacted in the way that Steven does?

      I find it hard to believe Steven wasn’t consenting and knew what was going on.

  18. ‘How about trying to actually educate people with the truth as opposed to persuading them you have magical powers? Sometimes there’s a very fine line between what DB does and what so-called psychics say they can do.’
    A big part of Derrens work is dedicated to show how easy it is to look like you have magical powers, and to expose psychics. To do that he must show us the tricks like we see the frauds do them. Do you have an example where he acts in a way that implies he have magical powers? He leaves us questioning how he pulls some things of. But never that it is a trick of some sort 🙂 Sounds like you kind of missed and got it at the same time!
    Apocalypse does none of that sort anyway. It is a horror-game to give Steven a chance to change his habits. I think it is a bit to much. But he looks happy – I hope it is a good experience for him.

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  19. Your mic theory is just hilariously stupid there are 7 main types of mic you have Omnidirectional, Bi-directionll sub cardioid, cardoid, hyper cardioid, super cardioid and a shot gun mic the last two mics are perfect for filming at long distance all you would have to do would be conceal them and if she was miced up she would most probably be wearing a lappel mic or a fibre optic mic

  20. for me, at the end of the day, derren brown is an intelligent person with keen perception of human psychology and behavior. and he uses his talent to entertain and try to educate. he is first and foremost a mentalist/entertainer. he never claimed to have any magical powers and he always emphasize not using actors as subject. of course the rest of the cast are either actors or family and friends of the subject who knew what’s going on. but that doesnt make his works any less authentic or real. if you are a follower of all his works, you can tell that what he does (and ever did) is nothing new, he just make them into great dramatic stories and quite successful in inciting discussion among the public. he has always been consistent in who he is, what he does and what he believes in.

    i dont think there is nothing to prove or disprove. everything he does is a trick. it keeps people entertained and at the same time take something out of it. and that’s all there is to it.

  21. I’m fine with Steve etc not being actors – didn’t even think they were, the acting was so poor! – but there’s no way this would be actually fooling anyone (unless Steve’s mental state is so poor that he really ought to be in a hospital).

    The hidden cameras at home – his mother in particular, very careful with her speech, but all of them, Steve included, used only full sentences, devoid of ums & ahs & errs, never talking over one another; they were all following scripted dialogue.

    This is a continuing problem throughout; everyone he meets is stilted and artificial. He would wonder why.

    Upon meeting Leona, he fails to do anything sane like asking what colour her band was (told the infected couldn’t be reasoned with, but as she had asked of him it would only be logical to reply in kind). Also didn’t take anything that could be turned into a makeshift tool or weapon.

    The idea that you can make someone go to sleep by whispering it in his ear is comic. Also, apparently Steve wasn’t surprised that as explosions went off around them, everyone sat around fine.

    It’s good light entertainment. But ludicrous to suggest anyone involved thinks it’s “real”.

  22. If I was editing the show I would not let err’s and not clear speaking stay in. I would edit them out. The team had hours and hours to take from.

    He is in a shock state, and since no one around him asks questions, neither does he (the bus). It is basic psychology.

    In the hospital: Comparing Stevens reactions to what a person would normally do under normal circumstances does not cut it. EVERYTHING around him spells disaster. The buildings, the grass, the ambulance, the girl. They are all real surroundings to him. It would be for any of us.
    Everybody except Steven know that it is fake. And they act to keep it that way. This acting does not have to be convincing at all. How could he break the illusion? Would his bewildered mind lead him in that direction at all? If he had a phone or computer he would start to contact his family. He is sure all is collapsed. He would not try to find out if he was in a big hoax at all. He would try to find out the dimensions of the disaster.

    Even if Derrens team picked him out to be extraordinary easy – we are fools to think we would be harder to fool…. 🙂

  23. In answer to Stephen getting post traumatic stress disorder, he is monitored very closely by a psychiatrist throughout & would be debriefed afterwards as does every subject of a psychological experiment.

  24. Rather than ‘fake’ or real, I suggest it’s a little in between, theres an unsaid, unwritten rule between a stage hypnotist and the subject (which exclude the dramatic scenes and large area is basically what we have, a ‘hypnotist puts a member of the public,to sleep and then gets him to act). The guy that barks like a dog on stage isn’t in a ‘trance’ he wants to do it! Hands over the eyes and saying ‘sleep’ will not put someone to sleep no matter how skilled you are, however, if the subject is chosen well, they will be complient and follow your commands, not because they are in a trance, because they want to. The alternative is to stand up in front of the film crew and Derron and say ‘I’m not asleep’, that takes balls!! Even if he had I’m sure they would have used someone else! Audience are then entertained, Derron looks great and the subject is creating the entertainment, part of it and happy. So it’s not really using stooges or scrpted acting…but it’s not what they want you to think either!!

  25. i think your all just being stupid stop hating for god sake derren and his time worked hard and spent lots of money on it i think your all just moaning about nothing its entertainment for god sake

  26. *team

  27. there were microphones in the ground thats why it costed so much!

  28. Forget all the other evidence. Watch the camera pan from person to person. You can’t do that with hidden cameras. The camera man must have been in the room.

  29. You can get camera’s that pan without there been a cameraman.

    In regards of the stress that can be caused, unfortunatly im unable to comment on how i know this, but some people over the years have suffered and been “paid off”

    Not with money but houses/cars etc. Sadly i cant prove that for legal reasons.

  30. Martin, ever heard of dome cameras? They are clearly visible in most of the shots; on the walls, on the poles within the compound. Also, they have live hand camera behind one way glass.

    • Thank yuo for pointing that out. I’m still a bit undecided about this. I could be that Darren Brown just selected an extreemly dim person who he knew would fall for it. (Not notice the clearly visible cameras etc).

      • Well he is in a post-apocalyptic hospital, so CCTV would be expected. And seeing as every move we make today outside of our own homes is monitored, lots of cameras blend in to the background.

  31. can’t you just leave it they ovs just have a very good clever way so public can hear its a great show so just watch and let it be a mystery!

  32. Derron’s an entertainer, research what a mentalist is. Everyone on this site falling for it or not, is talking about it, That’s what any entertainer wants, the same as all his show’s and every great film, the audience are talking afterwards and will look even closer at the next show! What other performer creates such an interest? He hasn’t lied once, but it doen’t mean he’s been honest about the truth. Wouldn’t suprise me if he set this forum up to gage reaction and to keep the fire burning! Great job as always.

  33. Some very sad people trying to destroy the whole point of the programme.
    I wish he had done this to my son !
    Let the youth of today watch it and think, no blogs just watch and learn for themselves, that is the point
    Fact or fiction, well done Derren, a masterpiece

  34. I was fine watching it until I heard ‘Infected run’.

    That is NOT something you say. It’s so fake it’s unreal.

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