Did Steve Brosnan Leak Derren Brown: Apocalypse Storyline on Twitter?   30 comments

On August 17th Steve Brosnan tweeted:

“Well if I ever get stuck whilst running I can always click my heels together 3 times #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome

This tweet also had a picture attached but his profile is protected, see the protected tweet here http://twicsy.com/i/6RACbc

Derren Brown: Apocalypse had a clear Wizard of Oz theme throughout, see all the clues here


This is taken from the Wizard of Oz Wikipedia page:

“Glinda appears and tells her that she always had the power to return home. Following her instructions, Dorothy closes her eyes, taps her heels together three times, and repeats “There’s no place like home”. She awakens in her bedroom, surrounded by family and friends, and tells them of her adventures.”

Is this just a coincidence? or was Steve already aware of the apocalypse plot?

Let me know what you think 🙂

30 responses to “Did Steve Brosnan Leak Derren Brown: Apocalypse Storyline on Twitter?

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  2. Surely it is the other way around: As the team gets to know Stephen they decide to incorporate the WoO theme. Makes more sense than the conspiration theory.

    • Well, the tweet was sent on the 17th and the Apocalypse supposedly occurred on September 1st so it wouldn’t have left them long to incoperate all the Wizard of Oz themes.

      Unless they knew Steven was an oz fanboy from the start, didn’t see any posters of dorothy in his bedroom though 🙂

      • Your perspectives are so enjybaoe .I could see Katie through Corey’s eyes when she knocked on the cottage dooor; Katie’s tenderness as she watched Corey dance with his Mom; Abby and Kevin’s affection for one another as they danced .every photo tells a story.

  3. “Surely it is the other way around: As the team gets to know Stephen they decide to incorporate the WoO theme. Makes more sense than the conspiration theory.”

    why would derren then say all this WoO shit when hes in the suit with the zombie scene behind him to the VIEWER? Seems to suggest to me that they are gonna turn this whole thing around on the viewer and say that the VIEWER was the suggestible one etc etc

  4. Do you know what would be hilarious, if in the episode on Friday Derren Brown reveals it was all actually fake and the whole point was to trick people or something? I could see him putting some sort of spin on it.

  5. It’s this simple: Mr Brown should be laughing his head off and punching the air if Steve isn’t in on the joke. Why? Because that means a massive, satisfying ‘fool you!’ to the sceptics.

    He shouldn’t be acting as though his professional pride is hurt, he should be celebrating his genius.

  6. Looking forward to se part 2.
    Could it be that the crew took the halloween oppertunity to drop a little OZ on Steven to prepare him mentally for the journey? And Steven just put on Twitter what was on his mind?

  7. If his tweets are protected how did you see it? Your picture is a poor mock up which looks more fake than what youre claiming derren is doing.

  8. I do actually believe the show to be real, mainly because i personally know the fella from here at 30k feet, and he certainly ain’t an actor.
    Also why risk your career if it came out to be fake, and just stick to the live shows? If it did come out to be fake he would never recover credibility.

    PS: The wizard of OZ link your making out here is really clutching at straws.

  9. Surely if Steven was an actor and knew the whole plot, he wouldn’t want to spoil things, as he’d know they’d be a risk of this tweet being found. I think this is just another case of the whole thing being over thought.

  10. Derren kept mentioning Bravery, Courage and Heart and that Steven would learn these. Again a reference to the Wizard of Oz, Tinman needed a heart, scarecrow a brain and Lion needed courage.

  11. Couple of things I noticed during the second show. When Steve was recording his own video diary, you could see the screen on the video camera and he’d cropped his whole lower face out of the shot. When they cut to the video camera footage his face was framed up perfectly!
    Secondly audio captured through out the show seemed a little too good. We understand hidden cameras as an audience but to capture his voice outside when doing the SOS would’ve been impossible without a clip mic (the type we see housemates in big brother wear). These on top of his wooden dialogue point towards it being a hoax for me

    • It’s entertainment, for Brown’s sake! If you feel the need tO pick faults in such a heartwarming transformation story, that just shows that you have no heart, and should probably be put on one of these shows to be taught a lesson. Although that itself would make me incredibly jealous, as you’d meet Derren himself!

      Love what you do, Derren!

      K8 xxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. It’s more likely that Steven noticed ‘Kansas Autos’. As they helped him get to work, perhaps he was making a joke about getting back home. If his van broke down again, to get home he could just click his heels together three times and he’d be home.
    It’s a long shot but y’never know!

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      • It was then the memory of the poosin ore heart came to us, suddenly and in a dream. The heart had fed us with flames until it was so weak it was no longer worth defending, always-halving but never-ending, like an old and dying sun. Good writing in the piece, Berit. Congratulations on its publication.

  13. Steven ran marathons. I think that’s the ‘struck while running’reference. It’s really clutching at straws to say this is in any way related to the plot, as it could equally be a coincidence.

  14. Surely anyone with bright red trainers might make a comment about ruby slippers? To me it looks like a comment about some new trainers, nothing more exciting. Not sure you have to be a WoO ‘fan’ to get that reference either.

  15. Something out of nothing, that’s what I think.

    Steven has has enough bad press with the acting profile and noodle ad, can’t people just leave him alone?

    And don’t bring Derren into this. Even if Steven knew about Apocalypse, it wouldn’t have been Derren’s intention anyway! As he always says, “It would be pointless.”

    I ❤ Derren 4eva! A proud disciple of Brownoligy, and admirer of a man the same age as my dad! Lol

    K8 xxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Yeah, I like it as well. In particular I think it will be a great avnuee for sneaking Mac OS into some workplaces. With this change, someone can run Windows on the Mac and then reboot when the IT chain-gang isn’t looking. 🙂

  17. It’s obviously a reference to the fact that his new shoes are red!!! A mere coincidence that the show he unwittingly participated in at a later date was based on the same theme, a coincidence that seems likely considering the popularity of The Wizard of Oz.

  18. If you watch American TV an average of 10 hrs or so a week, you will hear an average of 1 or 2 references to the Wizard of Oz, whether through metaphor, quotes, characters, or places. The theme has become embedded in the mass conciousness to such a degree that most are not even aware of it’s pervaseiveness. There was a movie, book, at least 2 broadway shows that still tour off broadway in the states. So while highly suspicious as it may seem, Stephen’s reference to WoO is actually not that remarkable a coincidence.

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