Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse fake? – Running the Gauntlet Without a Vest   10 comments

Watch part 2 from 34:00 onwards…

Notice that when Steve is running every time his camo jacket lifts up we can see that he is wearing two t-shirts, one navy and the other underneath that is white:



We can see the white t-shirt until Steve supposedly has to run through a pack of zombies…

During this 4-5 second segment even though Steve’s jacket is still lifting up  we can no longer see the white t-shirt and are only shown shots from behind Steven or obscured shots that cut off at the neck:





When Steven gets past the zombies his white t-shirt returns and so does his face:


Was the zombie gauntlet footage acted out and added in post-production for dramatic effect?

Watch it again and let me know what you think! 🙂

10 responses to “Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse fake? – Running the Gauntlet Without a Vest

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  1. Possibly. It’s called making a television programme. Are you one of these people who believe everything you see on TV is real?
    What you have done with this site (apart from waste an inordinate amount of time) is dissect film-making without a clue as to what goes into said occupation and therein find conspiracy. Weird!

    Jack o' the Hammer
  2. Maybe it was his boxers, didn’t have to be a t-shirt, he could of pulled his trousers up whilst running and it was just edited.

    • Would your boxers really be that white if you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?

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  3. Those were my (all be it not very cool) white boxers

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  4. As for the shadow cast in complete darkness; the vast majority of night vision cameras work by projecting an infrared light – a camera can see the light but the human eye can’t. Virtually every security camera works this way. Just try recording the infrared light on your TV remote and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Other types of night vision cameras such as FLIR are extremely expensive. My guess is simply that the scene is lit with an infrared light somewhere off to the side.

    • I didn’t make it clear in my post that infrared light still casts a shadow just like visible light, but you could probably infer that.

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