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Posted October 27, 2012 by derrenbrownexposed

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  1. ……………………………….Derren Brown could be faking? Oh……. 😦

    I found this from utube
  2. You literally have no evidence whatsoever, everything you claim to be proof can either be explained in a simpler and much more logical way and anything that was slightly suspicious has been addressed by Derren here: and here:

    After reading this please reply and point out something that hasn’t been explained.

  3. go sleep

  4. Your “proof” of night vision and shadows is not valid; night vision cam doesnt work with total absence of light, but with a little amount of light, which is not visible to the naked eye, thus implying a source of light and shadows that only the cam can see, while all we can see is just blackness

  5. You may also want to review the footage when Steven and Ina return with the new character, I think it’s Danny?…Walking towards the gate you will see Ian on the right of the camera, it cuts to Leona and then back and Ian has miraculously switched 4 metres to the left of the screen within a split second.

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