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Was Derren Brown: Apocalypse Is Fake? Even More Evidence…   60 comments

When Steven and Leona are wandering through the abandoned hospital they come across a man covered in blood looking rather zombie-ish. The man turns and runs at them,  Steven shouts to Leona….

“Infected Run”


Hand-in-hand they run through the hospital and out of an exit. Oddly when they get outside, even though they are being chased by a horde of people, they both slow to a jog.  Notice in the screenshot below how Steven (a grown man) is being led by Leona (a small girl)


Another strange thing in this scene is how clear Leonas voice is whilst they’re being chased. She can be heard saying….

“keep going”

Did she have a microphone? would they have risked Steven seeing it?

Likewise, after Steven is rescued by Ian in the ambulance he is told to look at the messageboard/wonderwall on the fence of the compound. Leona is then told by Derren to talk about how she hasn’t found her mum to see if Steven will look after her, She says

“Do you think there will be something from my mum?”

Steven replies

“I dunno, we’ll have a look”


How are we hearing what Steven he is saying when he’s outdoors? Is there a microphone in his jacket? Surely he would have noticed.

Let me know what you think!